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Windows Explorer crashes excessively


I posted a couple of months back that IE7 and Windows Explorer were constantly crashing.  These events first began with the installation of IE8.  I have since uninstalled IE8, reset everything in IE7 and enabled only those items which are absolutely necessary.  This took care of IE7.  However, I continue to experience problems with Windows Explorer.

When Windows Explorer crashes, icons in the system tray also disappears.  According to Event Viewer each instance is the fault of  ntdl.dll.


I have attempted a restore to pre IE8, unfortunately I deleted all restore points older than a month.  I can access Window Explorer for a very short time after I  boot up the computer.  However, after that period, it begins to crash again until I close and boot up the computer again.

I Googled for information and found this problem appear to occur with only computers with AMD processors, which I have.  However, I could not find a solution to this problem.  Also I have not installed SP2 for fear it may cause this problem to worsen.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Vista, SP1

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Re: Windows Explorer crashes excessively


I have an Intel processor and my Windows explorer was crashing on a daily basis, no loss of icons.

After installation of SP2 no more crashes of explorer.

Might be worth trying.



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Re: Windows Explorer crashes excessively

Hello Dave,

Installing SP2 may be worth a try.  I will try it on a day when I have the time to install and uninstall it through the Restore process, in the event it causes further problems.  Lately I have become somewhat apprehensive when it comes to installing updates.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion.


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