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Windows Product Key

Hey guys,

I've got a Dell Inspiron 546 that really isn't a 546 anymore. I changed the power-supply, graphics card, motherboard, and put a Phenom ii X6 processor in it, but the hard drive and original dell software stayed the same. The computer was working great for a few weeks until the power cord was accidentally disconnected while it was on. Upon rebooting, Windows Vista Home thought my copy of windows was not genuine. Although it appears to operate normally, it still bring up messages asking to register and keeps a black desktop background. I've tried the usual system restore and disk programs but no luck. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for my re-install CD, but figured i should ask for help in case i can't find it. My main question is if I revert my computer back to factory settings will Windows be genuine again? If not, I don't want to bother backing up all of my stuff and loosing my programs. Any other suggestions? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Windows Product Key

You can try running a chkdsk to see if the corrupted activation files can be repaired, but technically, your version of Vista isn't really genuine anyway.  An OS that ships with or is sold with a computer is licensed only for that computer - it cannot be transferred to another computer, and as you said, it is not really a 546 any more.  Whether your 546 motherboard in different chassis or a different motherboard in your 546 chassis, those have sufficiently changed your computer from the computer to which the software was licensed in the first place and should not be used on a different system.  Not chiding you ... just FYI.

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