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Windows XP install CD - Blank Screen

Hello everybody

on my Inspiron System i originally had the WinXP Home Ed. that came with the computer on drive C: (hda2)
and a linux installation on hda3.

Later i installed a WinXP Pro Edition on hda5. It used the Windows Loader from drive C (i guess: at least i couldnt boot this installation directly via grub)

Anyways everything was fine. I reformated drive c and used it as data partition for linux. I knew that i wouldnt be able to boot the WinXP-Pro afterwards, but i wanted to repair the windows installation with the install cd.

Unfortunately the windows boot cd's wont work for me any more (they did a few months ago):
I can tell the computer to boot from cd
It reads the cd and tells me to press any key to boot from cd
It prints a message like "analyzing your hardware" or so
Then the screen goes blank ( but i can see that the lcd backlight is still on), the HD Led stays permanently on
If i press some keys it will start to beep after they 4th or 5th keypress

only thing i can do is restart the system via CTRL_ALT_DEL

i checked the cd on another computer and it works without problems

What can i do, what might produce the error????

Thanks 4 your help
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Re: Windows XP install CD - Blank Screen

You could hold down the FN key and then boot.  This will access a pre-assessment boot and diagnose any hardware problems.  I received this tip from a Dell Technician.
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