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Windows won't finish installing

I am trying to reinstall Windows 7 Pro on an Inspiron 3250 Desktop PC.

It goes to Installing Updates and then reboots.  After reboot it goes to Completing Installation and never moves from that spot.  I have tried to setup several times, and left it on Completing Installation, once for 6 hours and another time for 9 hours.  It just sits there.

I have run the diagnostics, including the 3.5 hour memory diags and the 2 hour hard drive diags and no problems were found.

I have tried using two different Windows DVDs.

I am about to try using a USB drive made according to the Dell instructions from the ISO downloaded from Dell, which I used to make the DVD that ends sitting at Completing Installation.

I am looking for any suggestions before I call and sit on hold with Dell Support and make them fix the problem.

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