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XP Pro sp1 license, XP Pro sp2 disk - compatible??

Hi All,
Quick question - I have a Dell Latitude C640 that needs an operating system reinstall.  I have a Dell branded XP Professional reinstallation cd.  I know that in general as long as the operating system and the branding match, and there is a valid license on the machine, the install should work.
My question is that the machine license label is for XP Pro SP1, and the disk is labelled SP2.  Should that make any difference?  I would prefer to just get this reinstall over quickly rather than wait for Dell to supply reinstall disks.
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Milosz Kubanski
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Re: XP Pro sp1 license, XP Pro sp2 disk - compatible??

IMHO everything will be ok. You have a serial number per system, not service pack - which is only a set o system patches. I think that, you should only check the "distribution"/"Edition" - sorry I don;t know proper word in English ;) - if it's the same. Eg. Home, Proffesional. It's should be the same.

Milosz Kubanski
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