XP Professional Backup Utility asking for FLOPPY DRIVE... what's up with that???


I recently ran an entire Hard drive backup (of a Laptop) to an external HDrive. This was my first time backing up. When complete (took 10.5 hrs)... a window opened stating that a FLOPPY Drive could not be found.

That an ASR restore diskette could not be created. This system has never had a FLOPPY drive, although the DVD was replace during warranty by DELL 2.5 yrs ago. Could a setting have been changed by the technician?

Anyone have a clue what I can do to create an ASR (CD or DVD) to enable my backup utility to work properly?

Many thanks, especially since I cannot use my laptop until I move past this window and don't want to lose the 10.5 hrs of backup.

Thanks much!

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Re: XP Professional Backup Utility asking for FLOPPY DRIVE... what's up with that???

Windows XP's age sometimes works against it pretty badly.  The ASR is the Automated System Recovery diskette; it is what Windows XP Backup uses to get the system started in order to use your back-up files.  When Win XP was developed, 3.5" diskettes were still reasonably popular.  If you have read posts on the forum with regard to installing Win XP on SATA equipped computers you may recall that Win XP insists on using a 3.5" diskette to load the drivers needed for the SATA controller.

There may be ways around this, but you might find more help on the Microsoft support site.  I don't know of anyone who uses Windows Back-up.

I would suggest you use something like Acronis True Image or Symantec Ghost to back up your system.  I normally clone my hard drive to a back-up disk so that if my system collapses I need only replace the existing disk with the back-up.  Since that is about the only thing I use the program to do I'm afraid I'm not familiar with other approaches that the software makes available.  Both Symantec and Acronis have decent support pages that should help.

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