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XP RESTORE from cd's included with then new inspiron 1505

As a result of a virus that couldn't be fixed, it was decided to reinstall XP from cd's included with the then new (six years ago) inspiron 1505 laptop.

It appears that the Windows Xp was restored ,   when it came to installing the drivers etc. with the Resource Disc with the drivers I was presented with choosing drivers based on the model (Inspiron 1505)  ,  however none of the choices matched the model that my system said I had (mm061 I recall), instead ( mxc051, 710, xxxxxx  as my recollection) were the choices I was given.

Any suggestions for starters?





















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RE: XP RESTORE from cd's included with then new inspiron 1505

XP reaches end of Life in April and you should avoid installing it.

If you do install it you should know that there will be risks when Microsoft stop releasing security updates.

Its time to migrate to a modern OS and this machine will run Windows 8.1 32 Bit and Windows 7 32 bit without problems.

See my Windows Reinstallation Guide for details.




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