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XPS 8700 on Win 8.1 need Bluetooth Driver

I need a bluetooth driver for my XPS 8700 for Windows 8.1 before I upgrade to it. I have not been able to locate it in my drivers and download center under the settings of Windows 8.1. Any ideas? I also didn't know which adapter you needed me to open up so I opened up the on that says Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth. If you need more info I can get it. Thanks.

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RE: XPS 8700 on Win 8.1 need Bluetooth Driver

I can't see your image but try installing this for the Dell Wireless 1703 Card: http://ftp.dell.com/FOLDER01697458M/1/XPS-8700_Network_Driver_P84MY_WN_10.0.0.260_A00.EXE

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