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adding a new contact's email details

I moved on from my Windows XP with Outlook Express desktop to a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 that came with Windows Live Mail

for sending/receiving emails. 


Q1. If someone emails me then I can copy their email address into my contacts folder. But if I have an email address

 I cannot find a way of making a new entry in my contacts folder manually. I need to send the person an email, have them return another email to me, then I can add their email address to my list. Can anyone tell me how I can add an email address without all this palaver?


Q2. Secondly, previously I was able to drag email addresses into a GROUP, then send the one email to everyone in this GROUP.

I just cannot find a way of doing this with Windows Live Mail. Thankfully I still kept my desktop going so when I need to send an email to many people

I can still use the desktop. But the anti-virus on it is running out soon and I don't want to have to pay another year's subscription just so I can send one email to several people. Can anyone help?

To anyone who may help, remember I'm not that computer literate, but I did manage very well with my old Outlook Express. 

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Do a google search for "windows live mail tutorial".  You will find lots of information.  One of the sites should get you going and answer your questions.  

For example, here is the Microsoft Tutorial.  Click Me

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