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canno attach files in email

I cannot attach files to me email and I get an error after it times out plus it takes a long time to open emails. I have tried it in google chrome, firefox & microsoft and the same thgs ahppens. I have hired two comouter techs and they ahve been unable to fix it, I have disabled bitdenfender and it did not help.

When I purchased this dell desk top this happened almost staright away and dell had to put it back to manufactuer settings which took one week to reload all my carbonite files so I coud nt work and now it has happened again, any ideas anyone???

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One of the reasons you can't attach files in Gmail is that the browser is outdated. Therefore, you can update your browser to fix this problem. Here is the guide: Step 1: In the Google Chrome window, click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, and then select the Update Google Chrome option.




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