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crashed hard drive and missing service tag

I have a Vostro 230 desktop that my hard drive recently crashed. I had it in storage(apparently a damp storage bin as I think that contributed to my crash!) and in the moving and jostling the service tag sticker is gone! So now I need the recovery media but I have no service tag to order the recovery media from Dell! What can I do?

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RE: crashed hard drive and missing service tag

What operating system? You cannot order recovery media unless you are still under warranty which is highly unlikely on a 4 year old model. You can make a recovery-reinstall disk for Windows 8.1 for computers that originally came with windows 8.


Your service tag should be listed in your Dell Account at Dell Support. You used your Dell Acct to sign into this forum.

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RE: crashed hard drive and missing service tag

Press F2 to enter the BIOS setup when powering up. Your service tag will be displayed under system configuration.

Its also advisable to run the F12 full preboot diagnostics tests. See here for details:


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