error douring install

When I try to install a new program I encounter an error w/ no error message no.  The install just stops and the program is not installed.  I am using Windows XP Pro. I've tried Microsoft.com and spoken w/ local repair guys.  I've defraged my disk and removed un-needed files.  Has anyone encountered this before?

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Re: error douring install

need more info: how many program installations has this happened to? what are the names of the programs that failed to install? when the failed installations "stop", does the whole computer freeze/hang, or can you continue doing other things on it? have you checked for viruses/malware? if so, what was the procedure for checking for viruses/malware? how long has the computer been in use? what kind of computer, and what hardware is in it (the major components: CPU, RAM, video, etc.)?

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