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factory image

hey there

my inspiron duo mini has lost connection to the internet and some part of the hard disk seems to be lost and that is preventing factory image restore and checking disk .. anyone can help since that dell website is refusing to help due to laptop's age 

many thanks


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RE: factory image

Hi leonbshara,

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In order to format the computer to the Factory settings, firstly back up the data on your computer as the data will be lost in this process. Once the data is lost, please click on this link http://dell.to/1dKn8YD which has the information, steps to complete the OS format.

Hope this helped

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Munawar P
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RE: factory image

Unfortunately Microsoft have removed the Digital River .isos and replaced them with a non-functional Microsoft Software Recovery Tool which rejects Dell Windows 7 OEM licenses.

This system is quite old and it may cost more to contact Dell Technical Support to get a Reinstallation USB sent out.

I would advise first running the full F12 preboot diagnostics:


Then you may try to update Dell Backup and Recovery to the latest version and make a Dell Backup and Recovery USB to restore to the factory settings:


Instructions are for Windows 8.1 but will be similar for Windows 7.

If that fails I would recommend backing up your installation to a Seagate or WD external hard drive using Acronis:


Then perform a clean installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview probably 32 Bit for this model:


Hold onto the Windows 10 TP evaluation until its finally released. Windows 10 RTM is meant to be a free upgrade for all Windows 7 systems however its not known how Microsoft will allow users to determine eligibility.

Dr Philip Yip
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RE: factory image

Hey there

Many thanks for the info, I tried that, but the partition where the factory image is stored and the bios is corrupt and need to get an image from dell. I managed to contact them after getting the correct phone number on Facebook and they will kindly send me a free USB with the image since that I have never asked for one before.

many thanks again


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