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Want to do a factory restore/reset on dell desktop.  I've tried the restart then when www.dell.com is at top of screen pushing down on cntrl f11 at same time.  I've tried this many many times and just goes to restart.  Any suggestions?  Reason I want to do this is do too it won't connect to internet and keeps popping up stating that needs antispyware installed so I went and bought AVG antiviris and antispyware.  It removed a trojan but stil can't update program do to can't connect online.  Appreciate anyones help.  Thank you and have a great holiday.

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Re: factory reset

As you posted this in the "LINUX" section, I am writing to tell you a coworker recently had a similar problem. He claimed it happened really soon after the support for his Microsoft protection programs expired. I don't know anything about that stuff - I don't use windows.As for repairing a windows based computer you would do better posting in the windows users section.

I do know that after he talked with me we got him a "Live" linux cd. One I recommend for new users is Linux Mint, although the coworker was more interested in trying the Ubuntu Satanic Edition. Any live cd will work, but Linux Mint will  boot up with the codecs to watch YouTube videos, play songs form your iPod etc.

Most all linux live cds will work and automatically connect to the web  through broadband providers such as Comcast or Verizon  - you do not have to type in anything, just sit back and wait for the desktop with the Firefox icon to appear, it will usually be found in the menu under "internet" and listed as a web browser..

Once you have the disc, you put it in the computer and reboot it, do not try to use it with windows. Widows does not have to boot up, all you need is to be able to open the cd and insert the live cd, turn off the computer  and turn it back on again. Once you do that, take a few minutes to get a coffee or do something else, let the computer boot up on it's own, don't worry about answering any questions or making and decisions, just walk away. After the system is up click on the Firefox and enjoy the web or plug in your iPod and listen to your music. Everything you do is in the computers ram and when you turn off the computer , it all disappears. Now if you do this, you will know your computer is OK and works with linux, all you have to do is click install and it will install linux on your hard drive, and your problems with viruses and spyware etc will be gone, you will not have to buy any additional protection. if you don't like the linux, you only lost the cost of a cd.


a mirror for the user guide plus the cd images is located at



Any friend that has a working computer can burn the .iso image to a cd for you. I would use the boot disk, play with Linux Mint first then read the guide once you install it - no sense trying to learn about it unless you like it, and if you like it you only need to look around to discover where the different icons are to do the things you want.

Some of the best guides are actually on YouTube, just do a search for "linux mint" or any other such as "ubuntu satanic" or kubuntu or ubuntu desktop etc   There are hundreds of videos, some pretty good.


On edit: One of the biggest problems facing new linux users that have used Windows is they try to make it harder than it needs to be, they are so accustomed to needing to know so many things and they heard so many stories about hard it is to use linux and they are so convinced it is harder to use they they start changing things that don't need to be changed even when just trying a live cd !  Many, now  successful linux users just sat back and enjoyed the system when they booted a live cd. After it boots up, they play with the applications and just  enjoy the system. Yes , it can become technical, yes you can fix your own car or you can just turn on the key and enjoy driving it. Try the "Linux Mint"  first.


PS: I use Kubuntu, but also have several other desktops installed. I do think Linux Mint (also based on ubuntu) is one of the better ones to try first



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