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help reformatted my 2400 demension

i asked for help and have not received it any one out there is welcome to help  i need to install drivers and i dont know how they

when i try wont let me why? any idea?s  i downloaded a driver finder and it said that i need 5 new ones and i dont want to pay

$24.00 to install them so what do i do?  i went to dell support and they have all the drivers you need yet when i try it dosent do anything

like download them.  anyone out there

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Re: help reformatted my 2400 demension

okay  forgive me if I'm a couple of questions I don't know. What's your OS. XP, Vista?

second of all what browser are you using? cause IE gives a little bar up by the tabs , saying something like  Internet Explorer has blocked this download,.. Using the mouse I believe it will allow  you to continue the download if you right click?

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Re: help reformatted my 2400 demension

Just a Thought: I experienced the same thing a few months ago. I was on a trusted sight, Like my ISP, or Mcafee....Whenever I pressed their download button to get something, Nothing happened, no error message, no nothing.....Finally did a Malware/spyware scan and removed several undesirables, and download began working

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Re: help reformatted my 2400 demension




The Desktop/Notebook Utility needs to be installed first, then the chipset drivers. If they are NOT installed first, then the rest of the drivers will fail to install.





Since the operating system was re-installed did you remember to go to drivers and downloads, enter your service tag(DO NOT POST SERVICE TAG here or your post will get deleted, since it contains your personal information), and install these drivers in this order.


emoticon.Idea.title Hint emoticon.Idea.title When downloading the drivers, make a folder for each drivers and name it with the device it belongs with to make it easier to install them in the proper order.

Desktop System Software or Notebook System Software
Chipset or SMBus driver
Processor Driver (if applicable)
Audio (sound)
Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)
Network Card

QuickSet(Laptop only)





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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Re: help reformatted my 2400 demension

Driver finder is a scam.  You dont need to ever pay for dell drivers.

its extortion ware like the malware that says you have a virus and you need to buy software to fix it when it is in fact a malware that is extorting money.



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Re: help reformatted my 2400 demension

its windows xp  the problem is we have been using facebook i think this site is questionable also on facebook is a place or game

called farmtown and they have been having server problems because of the hughe success of there game site, yet they dont know

how to fix it, well i had mozilla firefox and it kept crashing i finally deleted it and downloaded IE8 and it seems to work ok for now

it will crash it isnt blocking downloads it is saying internent explorer is closing. it is working better now i think it was the gaming site

this whole time people have written to the site stating they have reformatted there intire windows because of this issue. we just need

to stay off the site i have windows xp home edition i also bought more memory for the computer i now have 2g of memory which is great


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