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inspiron 1525 no boot devices found

Started not finding boot devices one day.

tried a reinstall of vista home basic from a microsoft disc(not dell) so no drivers or anything

Did an install like any other computer, went on the website with another computer and downloaded wifi and internet drivers

installed them without an issue. Install all updates. says to reboot. ok.

Then when it reboots it says the boot device cannot be found.

Hard drive shows up in bios

if the vista disc is in the dvd drive, windows will boot after it asks to press a button to boot from disc and i dont press anything

if i press the media button, (one with the house on it) it will boot normally after showing the medialink screen or whatever that is called.

i still have the original hard drive as i thought it was no good and didn't bother checking it.

Did i miss something that it won't recognize the boot sector on a normal restart or boot up.

if it makes a difference it can be put into sleep mode and come out fine.

any help with this issue would be appreciated


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Re: inspiron 1525 no boot devices found

Insert your Vista disc, tap F8 repeatedly. This should give you the advanced boot options.

Select repair your computer and then select startup repair.

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Re: inspiron 1525 no boot devices found

i have done this, multiple times. it will still do the same thing

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Re: inspiron 1525 no boot devices found

Hi   deltabud ,

Welcome to the community.

As the hard drive is detected in the BIOS, it appears it is not able to locate the proper boot device while starting up. As you are able to boot to windows, I would suggest you to upgrade the BIOS and also remove all external peripherals (external hard drive, flash drive, printer etc.) connected to the computer. You can use the following link to install the latest BIOS- http://dell.to/HEqePF

Let me know of the findings, Glad to be of assistance.


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