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iqvw32.sys registry file flagged as spyware

Please help me- After scanning this Inspiron 530, Windows Vista Home Prem., 32bit with Windows Defender, this file, iqvw32.sys,  was located at the end of a line of command of a registry change that Defender questioned and I denied because I checked on a Dell forum that said this could be a Spyware file even though it had an Intel signature. Is this a legitimate file that should be in my registry or should this file have been deleted as highlighted using Windows Defender scan?  Can anyone help me with this file and what it's suppose to do? Should I not have deleted the file  iqvw32.sys from my registry? If it should not have been deleted from the registry, why did Defender flag as possible Spyware and what is the fix or how do I add back the file's content if it is indeed needed. The iqvw32.sys file was deleted on 9/18/2008 and the computer has been running fine since the file was deleted but I have noticed the Hard Drive continues to run for about 1/2 hour every time the system is restarted or cut on. I'm not sure if that's normal for the hard drive to operate 1/2 hour every time the unit is turned on or is it looking for the file iqvw32.sys because it is needed?

I know I am asking a lot but can anyone help me with these questions, please ?

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Re: iqvw32.sys registry file flagged as spyware

 It is a Intel Network Adapter Diagnostic driver. Just make sure it is located in the correct folder. See the link below.


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