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lost password, reinstall Windows?

This is my first post and I am a novice  This is my issue, I bought a Dell Inspiron N4110, running Win/7. I bought this at a reputable pawn shop and was given a temp. password to use for 6 months. We moved and I lost track of time and forgot to change the P.W.. So, when I downloaded quite a few Windows updates a few weeks ago, the computer rebooted with the windows sign in page. Since I had it configured to not need to type a password in, I'd forgotten it and the paper I noted it in is gone.

Needless to say, I am needing to either erase the PW or take it out. Or, reinstall Windows? I did find a video on youtube showing how to find a lost password but I am hesitant in doing that. Does anyone have any ideas for me so that I can use my laptop again? I do have a product key.

Thanks in advance   

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RE: lost password, reinstall Windows?

If its a Windows password follow the instructions here to Clean Install:


In particular:


If its a BIOS password (occurs before the Windows logo) then you must phone Dell Technical Support to get it.

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RE: lost password, reinstall Windows?

I didn't reinstall Windows since I'm not sure I need to after this new info. today. Can you help me? It is not a BIOS password.  

I've been attempting to recover it for a month and all I would get is the same "username or PW is incorrect". But today I got the "Password Reset Wizard". It tells me the disk is in drive USB20FD (E). I'm confused as to what it is referring to since I have no disk. I did, however, transfer some files from my desktop before first using. 

Do you think I need to purchase "Easy Recovery Essentials" to obtain a Dell recovery disk or am I missing the big picture and a simple solution is lurking. I really need to get this laptop back up especially after my shoulder surgery

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