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reinstalling windows xp but no disc

i got my laptop a little over 3 years ago and i want to wipe it and reinstall windows xp but i never got an XP disc from dell.  is there a way to get one from dell or at least buy it from dell at a discount since i never got a disc from them?

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Re: reinstalling windows xp but no disc

Hi mkruis1, If you live in the US, you can order your disc online HERE, if you live outside the US, you have to phone Dell support in your country.

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Re: reinstalling windows xp but no disc

Many, though not all, Dell computers built after mid-2004 came and still come with a built-in program called PC Restore that enables you to go back to "factory new" condition with a program on the hard drive, wherein you would not need to do a manual reinstall.  See this as it may apply to you, depending on your computer model.


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