repetitive rebooting


Have a Studio 1737 since 2/2009, <out of warranty> and I guess I blew up the HDD..  when I boot the laptop, it gets as far as Configuring updates 3 of 3  0% completion, Do Not Turn Off Your Computer...  and hangs for an abnormal length of time..  2 minutes maybe, and then reboots. Is there something I can do to get past this stop? If I can get beyond this point, and maybe into the OS...   any ideas??  Oh, and the CD/DVD drive is non-operational..  happened over a year ago, just been doing workarounds, but nothing seems to work for me...  am I going to have to reformat the HDD and lose everything?? AND, if so, will the recovery system partition be used for the procedure, since the CD/DVD is unavailable....   HELP!??!  Please reply here or to that nick at AOL...  thanks all

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Re: repetitive rebooting

You don't have to reformat to reinstall the OS.

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