restore to factory settings after upgrading to windows 7 on a dell 1520

i have a DELL 1520 win32 and i upgraded to windows 7. i now have a virus of some sort which wont allow me to do many things.

i want to restore my laptop back to factory settings back to vista but i cant seem to. i went on the press F8 and go to "repair computer" but it did no have the option to restore to factory settings. i have tried many things but im getting nowhere.

i called dell and they wouldn't help unless i payed as im out of warrenty... not fair Smiley Sad

i go on restore image  but it just back dates it Smiley Sad

please can someone help Smiley Sad


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Re: restore to factory settings after upgrading to windows 7 on a dell 1520

When you upgrade to a different Operating System than was originally supplied the Dell recovery partition is no longer available.  The ONLY way is to have discs and reinstall from the discs. 

Get a "hijackthis" log and post it on the security forum section and maybe someone can help you with the virus problem that won't involve a complete reinstall.

If you are the registered owner (registered with Dell) and in the US you can request a set of discs  HERE  if you meet all the requirements. Otherwise your Win 7 upgrade disc should allow you to reinstall the OS and you can download any needed drivers from the Dell downloads.  


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