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right button menu appears

have a inspiron 1100 with windows xp, suddenly it pops the right button menu, doesn't matter what i'm working at.


already did a couple of antivirus scan and the problem persists.


couple of months ago i reinstalled all the system from 0, im wondering if what i need is a patch or something.


any help will be appreciated.


pedroa. marquez

leon, mexico

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Re: right button menu appears

Does this happen when you are typing? Did your issue start at the same time as your reinstall? It is possible your keyboard has a short.

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Re: right button menu appears

Ok maybe your right button is sticky.


Plug in an external usb mouse, change the synaptics touchpad settings:


Should be in notification area near the system clock in the startbar.




Touchpad Buttons Disable


Or control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Mouse

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