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[solved] Vista 64-bit SP2 installation failing

System: Dell XPS-630i 64-bit, Vista-64-SP1

Windows Update pushed Service Pack 2, but when I try to install it, the installation fails. Update says it has installed the update, then asks me to press the restart button. When I do, I get another screen (no restart) that goes through stage 1 and stage 2, reboots the system, then runs stage 3 to 100%. Then I get a message saying, "Service Pack did not install. Reverting changes."  Which it does, and I am back to square one. I have validated my windows installation, and I do shut down Trend Micro Internet Security Pro before doing the update.

Any ideas?


PS I have seen references to a Vlite program, but I do not have this installed.

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Download this file (SP2) to your hard drive, then restart the PC in Safe Mode, then execute the file.


Not sure if this applies to your PC


Also check event viewer  "Windows Logs>System   you will have to search by date of the day of installation, there will many entries, the error should be in there.

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Yep, that was the problem. Fixed.


For others who may have this problem in the future:

I have two hard disks, one with linux, which is what I actually boot from, and another with the system that came with the computer (vista). The service pack apparently will not install properly if it sees other hard disks with other operating systems on them. Solution: unplug the other disk/s while doing the upgrade.

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Thanks for verifying the solution.

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