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stuck....restoring factory settings on a inspiron e1705

I am attemping to restore the factory setting on a friends dell.  I went to the control F11 menu, selected to restore the factory settings...the process began and now is loading, but the screen has been the same for 12 hours now and i don't know what step to take next or why the progress stopped.  The screen as it is now says: 

PBR 1...done

Loading DRMK Version 8.00....

any suggestions would be much appreciated

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Your friend's computer has been restored, but following that restoration the computer is supposed to boot to a utility in the first partition that leads through the registration process.  For some reason this has gotten "stuck" and is refusing to boot.

The only way I know to correct this is to use a partition editor to mark the second partition active.  More information on how the Dell Restore partition works can be found in Dan Goodell's treatise found here:  Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition.  It's very comprehensive, so you may need to dig a bit to learn how the partitions get set, but the only other thing you can do is a clean installation of the operating system and any applications that are needed.

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