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ubuntu + Windows 7 on inspiron 3580

Hi. I recently purchased an inspiron 3580 with ubuntu preinstalled on PCIe SSD storage. I am trying to install windows 7 but i cant find the SSD drive in the installation menu of windows. I guess this happens due to lack of drivers. Is there any driver available for this case? Thanks in advance.
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Re: ubuntu + Windows 7 on inspiron 3580

Win 7 didn't natively support PCIe NVMe drives.

Here's your solution 🙂 


Good luck!



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Re: ubuntu + Windows 7 on inspiron 3580


I really thank you for your reply.

I will post the result!


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Re: ubuntu + Windows 7 on inspiron 3580

Neither CSM nor WINDOWS 7 is an option with Latitude/INSPIRON 3580.

64 bit WINDOWS 10 is the only option for newer processors from now on.

Windows 7 is end of life in JAN 2020.

This is enforced by NVIDIA, ATI, INTEL, MICROSOFT, ETC.

Skylake systems were the last versions that supported windows 7 back in 2015.



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