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windows 7 re installation


I have a  6 yr old dell laptop, with build in windows 7 home premium. Last day it crashed and was not able to perfom system restore, and the only option is to reinstall windows from CD. Unfortunately I only have a Drivers and Utilities CD  ( Reinstallation ) with me, which I recieved with the laptop. Is it possible for me to use this CD to install windows. I tried to check if I can get a windows 7 copy from microsoft - and tried to check the product key as printed on the laptop- but it responded saying that I have to contact the Manufacturer to validate the product key..


Looking forward to any help


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Re: windows 7 re installation

Is it possible for me to use this CD to install windows. 




You will need to buy a Dell Windows 7 Home Premium CD or borrow one from someone who has it.

Or try installing Windows 10 which or may not activate depending on the model of the laptop.


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Re: windows 7 re installation

The Windows 7 Downloader on the Microsoft Website does not work for Windows 7 Home Premium. Your Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key will work with Windows 10 Version 1709 Installation Media however (installing Windows 10 Home):


The Dell OS Recovery Tool only works for Windows 7 Professional.

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Re: windows 7 re installation

Thank you for your kind reply. 🙂


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