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windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown

Is anybody receiving this message after computer has been in sleep mode?

My computer is dell 530s

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Re: windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown

I am having the same issue right after resuming from hibernate.  The blue screen has no text on it.  No error message; it is just blank.



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Re: windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown

This is a shot in the dark, but do you have Trend Micro AV on there.  I do recall some issues with sleep or hibernation mode related to this.  It hasn't been the solution to all the problems, but hopefully it helps.  Here is a link that brings you to other users with the same problem.  If you need to unistall TM, visit the Virus/Spyware forum and someone their will be able to help you find products that offer better overall protection (and are free). 
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Acer Windows 7 SP1  i3 Intel Process 6GB Ram Terabyte Hard Drive

Avast AV

MBAM real-time protection

Windows Firewall



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