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windows xp reinstall on latitude laptop

Trying to reformat an old latitude laptop to use at my home.  Latitude D610

Gone through reformat until says DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY FROM THIS POINT

I have reformated other computers so I am perplexed as to why I cannot get this one to reformat; although, I have never reformated a laptop before

When the process gets to installing windows, it states that the file is corrupted.  This is the disc that came with the latitude

xp home edition service pack 2

Now I do not even have a computer that will work at all

I really need some advice..... 


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Re: windows xp reinstall on latitude laptop

I don't know what screen you are talking about.

You should have a look at Windows Reinstallation Guide / A Clean install of Windows XP.

Note that Windows XP is Reaching its End of Life in April 2014 see Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 Support Ends April 8, 2014. However for such an old model it is not worth upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Since it is such an old model run the F12 preboot diagnostics as instructed on page 410 before beginning with the install. Run the full diagnostics to check that the system hardware is okay, preferably from the bootable disc.

If they pass I would advise following the instructions on page 338 of the Windows Reinstallation Guide using a newer computer and slipstreaming Service Pack 3 to your Windows XP Reinstallation CD and burning a few new copies onto blank CDs.

There should be no need to add SATA Drivers for this model. Once you have the new Reinstallation CDs follow the instructions on page 217 to begin the install.

You may wish to perform Step 7a (page 231) and wipe the computer securely with DBAN in case Malware/Viruses on the drive are preventing the installation from running to completion (you have not said the reason for initial installation so I assume this is a possibility). This will wipe the drive completely. You don't need to make any of the BIOS alterations for this model as it doesn't have a card reader, USB 3.0 functionality of Secure Boot/UEFI.

I assume you are having issues on page 242-243 in particular. In particular if it cannot copy some files at the copying files part and you have selected to skip copying the file when it couldn't. Older optical drives sometimes struggle reading CDs at certain angles, which is why I suggested you to burn multiple CDs. If it runs into an error copying a file from 1 CD you've copied, simply insert another copy of the CD you've made. The file will be at a different angle on the next CD and the optical drive will be able to read it and hence the setup will copy it. Keep switching the CDs until you have copied all the files.


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Re: windows xp reinstall on latitude laptop

Laptops are no different from desktops.  It sound like your installation CD is no good.

You can try to order a replacement disk here (US only):


Or you can borrow a CD from someone, or you might be able to find one on eBay.

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