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wireless card function on 32-bit & 64-bit Win7 OS

I'm planning to upgrade my DELL Inspiron 1318 notebook from Win Vista (32-bit)  to Win 7. It has a DELL 1395 WLAN wireless card. The Win 7 Upgrade Advisor says the WLAN card is not compatible with the 32-bit Win 7 but is compatible with the 64-bit version. This seems suspicious since it works with 32-bit Win Vista. Can anyone explain why the Advisor gave this result?

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Re: wireless card function on 32-bit & 64-bit Win7 OS

The Dell drivers only show Vista 32 bit drivers for this wireless card.  Dell supports Windows 7 64 bit but there are no WLAN cards/drivers listed.  The Win 7 advisor is correct.  You will have to use a different wireless interface with Win 7.

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Re: wireless card function on 32-bit & 64-bit Win7 OS


It may be possible to install the Dell 1395 WLAN wireless card in compatibility mode due to the fact that a Windows Vista 32-bit driver does exist. In many cases, Windows Vista 32-bit drivers can be used to install hardware within Windows 7 in situations where a Windows 7 driver does not yet exist.

The Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN MiniCard drivers for both Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit can be found here.

For your convenience I have included the instructions for Compatibility Hardware Device Drivers by Microsoft MVP, Ronnie Vernon, from the TechNet forums:


1. Place the driver installation file on the Desktop.

2. Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab. Select the appropriate options in from the list. In your case, you would select Windows Vista.

3. Click Apply/OK.

4. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.


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