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xp install


Im trying to install xp on my dell dimension 8400 it came pre installed with xp

I just want to start over i have to much stuff installed and would like to wipe it out

tried to do it with help on dell but i get to the part hit enter to install and then it pops up

with setup did not find any hard disk drive installed in your computer

setup cannot continue

what can I do

Thanks Rusty  

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Re: xp install

Hi, There are a couple of support journals that will help you get XP back on your system, The first one HERE is about your OP, and the second one HERE is about your drivers and what order they go on.


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Re: xp install

Hi Robin

did the first one

went threw the steps and got to the install and it said no drivers installed and could not continue

used the reinstall disk and thats as far as i got is there another way

Thanks Robin


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