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Appliance Mode Menu Access key shortcuts

Hello All,

I am using WDM to push out WCM Appliance Mode to our Thin clients, but have noticed users who have the config  are no longer able to use some Keyboard shortcut key such as CTRL+B, CTRL+F, CTRL+U (there could be others) but some shortcuts work such as CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V work.

I have enabled "allow menu access keys on the keyboard" in Wyse Management Suite but the issue still persists. Any ideas?

If any has ideas or insight into this it would be very appreciated.

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Hi Kenyon, don't know if it applies to your current config but we had a similar issues that occurs to only our WES7 devices that has been sorted out by adding the user account to the administrators group. Of course this is not a good workaround in a security point of view but, given that our TCs are segmented in a separate VLAN behind a FW, that was acceptable. 

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