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Error Pushing Image to D90D7 over VPN

Error Pushing Image to D90D7 over VPN

I have a Central WDM 5.0 MR1.1 Workgroup server setup to manage multiple customers Wyse devices, each customer site is connected to the central site via a site to site VPN. I can successfully pull images from remote devices and push small packages like Boot Agent updates and other applications, but when I try to push a custom image (one created for a customer) I get the following error after about 30 minutes:

Try 1:Merlin-Process-FAILURE [Thu Oct 30 10:13:29 2014][ERROR: Error while downloading OS file. Http error code : 221.][ERROR STAGE: OS validation.][REASON: Improper repository/network configuration.][SOLUTION: Check the network connection and retry imaging operation.]

I see from the SOLUTION that I need to check the network connection, but the VPN to the site never drops so I am not sure what I need to be checking...


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