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Migrating WDM Workgroup to WMS (Without Migration Tool)

Hi everyone, I am working with a customer that has a WDM workgroup server and would like to get moved to WMS. I do not have much experience with WDM or WMS. An issue i am running into, is that the migration tool supposedly is not usable with the Workgroup version of WDM. The customer only uses WDM to push configurations to their Wyse devices. They do not mind adding the devices to WMS. But i would like to know if there is a way to migrate/transfer the configuration files they use to WMS without the use of the tool. Is there files i can transfer or do i need to move a database? Is any of this possible without the migration tool? Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated. And if i need to clarify anything just let me know. Thanks, Spear105
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Even though the WMS Import Tool is considered a Pro Feature, some components such as the WESMigrationUtil do not check the subscription of the WDM and WMS Servers. I have confirmed that you can deploy a RSP Package from WDM to updated the WDA Application on a client to establish communication to a WMS Standard Instance.

Sign up for a trial of WMS Cloud at https://www.wysemanagementsuite.com/ . Once you have an account set up, download a copy of the WESMigrationUtil.exe along with a copy of the latest WDA client application from the apps list. Create a RSP Package for WDM with the following EX command:

WESMigrationUtil.exe [WDA_Agent_Installer] [WMS_Server_and_Port]

For example: WESMigrationUtil.exe WDA_14.4.0.135_Unified.exe https://wmsserver.wms.com:443

Deploy the package to each client that you would like to migrate. Once migrated the clients would register within the unmanaged section (quarantine) first and then you can move it to a desired group.



In the same predicament.Need to Migrate wyse terminals  from WDM workgroup edition to a licensed Version of WMS.

Need to use WESMigrationUtil.exe as above,but cannot find the download.

Signed in : got the link to the WMS Trial

Can find alll other Wyse Related downloads here :https://downloads.dell.com/wyse/

but not the 'wesmigrationutil'. Please Advise where i can get the file.

Many Thanks


Since you have WMS Pro, my advice would be to contact ProSupport using the service tag of WMS (you get this in Dell Digital Locker).   Support can provide the links to download the RSP packages and migration files. 

You can also contact your account team for Dell/WYSE who can provide them to you.



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