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Wyse Device Manager

Wyse Device Manager

We are having problems connecting a Wyse Thin Client, Model D90D7, to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 that is used as a domain controller. We have tried installing WDM 4.91 on this server but as it is a domain controller, cannot setup any local users for the rapport. As well as using WDM 4.8 on a windows XP sp3 machine and cannot see the Thin Client. We do not have any Windows 7 machines in the network. I have looked into all of the other options for virtualization and they all require sever 2003 standard and up. Does anyone any ideas for setting up virtualization in this environment to use the Thin Client?

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RE: Wyse Device Manager

The recommended setup for WDM is to be on its own server. I would not recommend installing it on a DC. I currently have an Enterprise version setup on 2008 box, with the SQL Database being on a separate DB server. So far it has worked well. Would need more details in order to help you out. What are you trying to connect to RDP, ICA, etc? Are you using an INI file for the config?

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