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Does Wyse 5070 support NVME drives? What is the largest size someone has gotten to work?

I picked up a Wyse thin client and opened it up to find a m.2 sata 32 gb "drive" inside.  I'd like to install a larger drive.  Does the Wyse 5070 support only m.2 sata?  Or can I use an NVME drive? 


The m2 port only has one notch, so I ordered a 1tb Western Digital SN550 Drive but it is not recognized at boot.  Looking at the online documents I see only 512gb drives mentioned and nothing about sata vs nvme.  So either I made a mistake and got a drive too large or I should just get a m.2 sata drive instead.  Before I make another purchase, I thought it best to ask the community if anyone has had luck upgrading drive space.  And if so, which drive worked successfully for you. 

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I'm running several (Crucial, Kingston, Micron Fips-140) 256gb Ssd (not nvme), I tried an nvme 512 and it didnt work but I don't have a 512 ssd. Also to note I can fit 24gb ram (16+8GB), I'm using hynix/klevv the 2666mhz not the 3200mhz....though bot intel and Dell say 8GB max.oh and I successfully converted the ssd port to x4 pcie and on the extended unit converted the pcie port to hold dual m.2 ssd.


The Wyse 5070 supports M.2 SATA and not NVME. I'm about to add an SSD to my Wyse 5070, but I'm missing the standoff from the motherboard and can't find it anywhere online. I have the actual M.2 screw, but not not the standoff it screws in to. 


Hey, how did you fit this into the micro form factor? assuming you used a ssd x4 pcie adapter and then what card did you use for the dual m.2 ssd and did you use a riser cable to lie it flat on top of mobo? I can only see ones the support 1x nvme and 1x m2 sata but that drive needs a Sata connector from the mobo. I dont have a SATA connector on mine (smallest 5070)

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