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HTHIN Client 3040/5070 Connection drop

Hello everyone !

We have an issue with our Wyse 3040/5070. They drop connection from time to time and come back to the login desktop.

We use 3040/5070 (OS 9.1.6108) connectiong to WS 2019 via a broker.

Our users get kicked from their RDP session, usually when using Google maps, sometime when using apps.

In the logs i saw those lines :

wms: receives message: REQ_REMOTE_CONNECTION_EXIT

 vdimgr logoff => {}
 wms: unknown Connection type: RDS
 [user] session manager clean desktop folder.
 Vdimgr Logoff pending => [{"type":"login"}]
 wms: try to send remote connection exit ...
wms: try to send HTTP request remoteConnectionExit, date: Tue May 24 2022  wms: receives message: REQ_USER_LOGOFF

Any idea?




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