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Update OS Z90D7 Clients

We have Z90D7 Thin Clients 7010. They are in English. We use WDM 5.7.2 and USB Tool 2.1.2 for our 3010 and 5010 Clients. For the 7010 we need WDM 4.9 and USB Tool 1.2 but we can't download it.

Is there a possibility to flash the os with this BZB0_0858_8192_De Image.

Thank you for help

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RE: Update OS Z90D7 Clients


Based on the WDM 5.7.2 Release notes, you can re-image the Z90D7 with WDM 5.7.2. The issue is probably that you need to update the HAgent on the Z90D7 before you re-image. The minimum version of the HAgent is

Roger Montalvo

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