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Wyse Firmware Upgrade 0A60 Windows 10 without losing your Settings


Is there a possibilty to Upgrade a Wyse Thinclient 5060 with Windows 10 and Firmware 0A52 >>>> Windows 10 0A60 Windows 10 ?

When we extract the 5060_0A60_32GB.exe File there are two Files Standard and Upgrade.
Standard >> overwrites the GoldImage / after the Upgrade the Thinclient is a fresh installation without our settings, like a new Thinclient from the Manufacture.

Upgrade (which should do what we want) >> is only for Upgrade Windows 7 > Windows 10 but not Windows 10 to Windows 10 with existing Settings and old Adaptions from your "GoldImage"

Do I have a Thoughts Error that you can't Upgrade a Pulled Image with company adjustments and if you Upgrade the Firmware with 5060_0A60_32GB.exe Standard the Image will be overwritten and you have do reconfigure all your settings you need on the new Image?

thx for your help but i can't find something that answers our question in the web,

best regards


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