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Last User shows as WebAuth after update ThinOS to 2208 (9.3.2102)

I am testing the new ThinOS 2208 with Citrix and Zoom packages. Our users connect to the Citrix Cloud Broker to access the store and are authenticated using ADFS. 

WMS (Dell Cloud version) now shows the last user of the device (Wyse 3040 or 5070) as "WebAuth" rather than the actual users name.


Any ideas where I might need ot make a change or is this a bug? it will be hard to locate a users device is all 900 end up beingused by "WebAuth"

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Open a case so engineering gets visibility to this.

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Did you get this resolved?  My workaround has been to use Citrix Director to locate devices.  It is extra work , but at least I can tell which one someone is on.


I have been told the fix will be in the next release.

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Still waiting on this fix. It did not make it in the current release.

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