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Re: On-premise Dell Wyse Management Suite issues

Are you using the WMS 1.2 HF1 installer?

Have you confirmed there is nothing else installed on the VM that may cause port conflicts?

Have you confirmed the windows firewall is disabled?

Do all of the "Dell WMS.." Services start?


Does the install complete successfully without errors?  

After install completes there should be a shortcut on the desktop for "Launch WMS" that will launch a browser to the URL of your WMS Server, such as


try replacing the FQDN with the IP of the server


What shows in that page?

In a new installation that will spawn the initial setup steps. 



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Re: On-premise Dell Wyse Management Suite issues


First sorry for my english.

I've same 404 error when i log on my WMS. I updated WMS on 1.2 two month ago without problem. Yesterday i just restarted server (2012 R2)... bad idea...

I've, restart services, Update with WMS 1.2_HF1, stop firewall, tried with https://ip/ccm-web, with lauch WMS on my desktop, with https://Myserveur/ccm-web/login (this one was ok before update)... nothing work...

Thanks a lot for your help!

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RE: On-premise Dell Wyse Management Suite issues

Hi scisigate,

We have 404 error too. If i uninstall and install again, Will i loose all (computer, configuration, policy etc...)?

Thx for your reply!

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