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Suse Linux WDA will not register with WMS

I have about 8 older WYSE clients (7010 & 7020), which are running Suse Linux 11.3.106 or 11.3.110.  I have upgraded the Platform_util to version 1.0.4 and the WDA to version 2.0.13 per WMS 1.4.1 guides.

DHCP and DNS SRV are configured.  Updated the INI files on the WDM server to port Thin Client to new WMS server.

After completing the restore default, the client successfully pulls the INI file, but will not register on WMS.

Manual registration attempts fail.

WMS setup is configured with standard 443 and 1883 ports; CA validation is false.  I've tried Group Token for the unmanaged and specifically created group.

WMS Documentation shows that these clients will work; Unfortunately, support won't help due to THin Clients out of warranty.


Besides upgrading HW, any other ideas for getting these devices registered.

Thank you.


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Re: Suse Linux WDA will not register with WMS

Update ---

After working with support on Service Request # 1023219984 - Had a scheduled phone call today with my L2 Support Technician.  This isn't the first time Dell Wyse support has seen this issue.  They've known about it since releasing WMS, but page 5 of Release Notes (version 1.4.1) states that it will be support. Dell Wyse support will not be escalating this nor fixing it.

Warranty end-dates for these devices range from November 2018 to November 2019.

I'd consider trading in my older devices for new devices at a 40-50% discount.


WMS release dates.




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