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Companion on Win7 Does Not Save Credentials??!

Thumbs down Companion on Win7 Does Not Save Credentials??!

If I leave my computer on long enough eventually I have to re-enter my google credentials into the companion software so that I can connect to my desktop. Basically, I'm only able to connect to my desktop remotely (via phone or tablet) if I'm sitting in front of it to enter my credentials. Basically, if I had to describe the whole system in a word, I would say useless as it is.

Why won't the companion software save the credentials??? Am I doing something wrong? 

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RE: Companion on Win7 Does Not Save Credentials??!

Are you using any anti-virus or firewall applications on your computer? If you are, try adding PocketCloud to the allowed applications lists. Sometimes anti-virus and firewall applications see remote access as a threat and will stop the companion service. Please let me know if this helps. Also make sure your companion software is up to date. You can download the latest companion software here: 




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