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Crashing while retreiving Desktops...

Exclamation Crashing while retreiving Desktops...

Hi all,

First off, I'm using the View4 server with a trial license at the moment.

It works just fine with Windows 7 View client and also PocketCloud on iPhone and iPad.

However, when I try from Android (Dell Streak and HTC EVO, both running 2.2), it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I create a Connection, retrieve my Domains, and then go to retrieve the Desktops. It doesn't even let me complete the Connection before it crashes.

If I save before loading the Desktops, it saves the profile w/out the Desktops and then requires me to go in and Edit the profile, to add the Desktops, which of course makes it crash.

I'm using PocketCloud Pro (which I paid for, btw!!) version 1.0. I'm in the process of updating it to 1.1.208, as I now see the new version on the Android Market.

If you know what I should look for on the client or server to better troubleshoot this, please let me know!


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RE: Crashing while retreiving Desktops...

Ok, I updated to v1.1.208 and it seems to have fixed the crashing issue.. Thanks Wyse!!

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