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Hopefully this question will have an easier answer than my last. I am using PocketCloud Pro on my Droid Razer Maxx, connected to a Motorola Lapdock 500 Pro. From there, I am connecting via RDP to a Windows XP Pro computer.

I see no way to drag anything. If for example I have a window on the remote desktop that is somewhere between minimized and maximized and I want to drag it off to the side, how do I do this?

The scrolling feature also works on and off, but it does seem to work with my wireless mouse connected to the lapdock.


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RE: Dragging

To drag a window, long press on the top bar of the window for a couple seconds, then while holding your finger on the screen, drag the window where you would like.

As for the scrolling, that is something we are looking into improving. One this you can do is use a 2 finger gesture to scroll/swipe up and down on a page. Please let me know if this does not help.





Josh Maurer
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