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Help Connecting Andriod and Widows 7 ultimate

Help Connecting Andriod and Widows 7 ultimate

I need some help trying to connect. I've tried RDP, VNC and Auto Discovery. The only way I am able to connect is using RPD on my home network. I've forwarded my ports, configured my firewall,, etc. but nothing seems to work. I've scanned through the forums and tried things I found there, but no luck.
i am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64, Pocket Cloud 1.0, Android 2.2, and companion 2.0.3. Please let me know any additional information you may need.


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RE: Help Connecting Andriod and Widows 7 ultimate

The best way to connect is using Auto Discovery. The way to do that is 

1. Login with your gmail account using windows companion on your pc.
2. Go to the device, and in settings page login with the same gmail account you used in your pc.
3. Once you login successfully in both places, you will see your computer name in the device.
4. Tap on it and it will connect.

We have released a new companion v 2.1.1. Please use this version of the software and let us know the status.

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