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Help please - virus or ???

Help please - virus or ???

Hello all,

I am not a user of any Wyse products.

I just got an EMail from "androidsupport@wyse.com" saying that my support request had been received. The EMail came to my Yahoo account, which I use both on my PC and on my Android phone.

Then, I discovered an EMail in the "Sent" folder of my Yahoo account, addressed to "androidsupport@wyse.com" with the title "Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC". The text of the EMail says "Sent from my Android Phone", which is the signature line that Yahoo mail uses when EMail is sent from an Android device. No other text. The folder shows an attachment to the EMail, but the message doesn't seem to contain it. Not that I would open it, anyway...

I DID NOT send this EMail, so some sort of malware has sent it from my phone, it seems.

Wondering, of course, what was in the attachment and what will happen with it, doubting that I will ever know.

How should I contact Wyse about this? Would prefer a live person on the phone, but EMail is better than nothing...

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