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Hi Wyse Guys...more connection problems.

Hi Wyse Guys...more connection problems.

I am using latest android version on Galaxy Tab 2...newest version...running ICS. Device is connected per WLAN through my smartphone with ICS (hotspot). Connection with net is good, can surf, send emails.

I am connecting per RDP to a remote server just fine with three computers. No VPN required, just simple xxxxxx.dyndns.org:13389 with username and password...making sure it is DOMAIN\Username just like on 3 computers. Port is 3389...using standard RDP defaults. This is a simple RDP connection.

3g provider is O2 here in Germany.

Pretty quickly I get Connection failed and Could not connect to server. Server is awake, just logged in with laptop.

Bought pocketcloud couple years ago...used a port forwarder I think. New version says forwarding not necessary. ideas?

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