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How to obtain VNC

Angry How to obtain VNC

Hello, I am having a problem remotely connecting my kindle to my laptop with windows 8 remotely. I am getting the message missing VNC password or the remote device you are trying to connect to is offline. My laptop is on. I have Wi-Fi in the home and need to be able to connect using my Wi-Fi on my iPhone away from home.

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RE: How to obtain VNC

Hello Kimberly, what you should do is download and install the companion software here:

After you install this on your Windows 8 computer, sign into the companion using your gmail address (use the same gmail address to log into PocketCloud on your Kindle). From there, you should see your computer show on your connection list. You should be able to connect using your windows login information (for more information on what login information to use, see the following knowledge-base article:http://pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com/e...ud-credentials).

If your computer is on the list and is still showing as being offline even while the computer is on and the companion software is signed in, your computers Firewall or anti-virus application may be blocking the companion from being able to communicate with PocketCloud. Make sure that you add PocketCloud to any allowed applications lists. 



Josh Maurer
Visit our Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com

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