Key board is not visible

Key board is not visible

Basic problem is after making a succesful connection between android and 
remote computer,I could not able to type the pass word of remote computer 
from my mobile as there is no key board.Kindly solve the issue.I have 
provided the basic details to you.* 
1- What is the version NUMBER of PocketCloud you are using on your mobile 
2- What is the model of the mobile device you are using-Spice Mi410 CSL on 
android 2.3.4 
3- What version of Windows are you using on your Remote computer -windows 
7-32 bit 
4- What version of Mac OS X are you using on your Remote computer -No 
5- What are the exact error messages Remote computer is visible on my 
android.But I am unable to type the password.Because no keyboard is visible 
on my mobile screen to type. Even I have enabled onscreen key board. EVen I 
cant type the letters. 
a- on your MOBILE DEVICE?: 
b- on your REMOTE COMPUTER?: 
6- Have you installed the PocketCloud Windows or Mac Companion on your 
Remote Computer?Yes 
7- If yes, what version NUMBER 2.4.12 
8- What Type of connection are you using?-Wi-fi 
what is the Problem?

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RE: Key board is not visible

Do you have a bluetooth keyboard paired with your device? You mentioned that you enabled the keyboard (on screen) and you still cannot type anything? Can you try force stopping the application and trying again? 



Josh Maurer
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