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Point of Clarification - which IP do I use?

Point of Clarification - which IP do I use?

Let me begin by saying there is no question here it is something I figured out on my own and I thought others of my novice level on these matters might want this pointed out for them.

I had trouble logging in and kept getting the "VNC at port 5900 failed" message when I tested on the PC side and on the mobile side I just got "Could not connect to server".

Solution: I was at home trying to work this all out. Wen at home I switch to wifi on my mobile because it's faster but it puts me on the same network as my PC. Turns out this meant I was using the wrong IP. I had to switch to the in network IP. BOOM! All is right with the world.

So I suggest looking up your IP both from inside your network and outside. Use the manual configuration and be sure you use the right one based on your location.

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